1. Restore Consultancy cannot disclose the source of your funds unless we have your signed Authority to Act/Agreement.  

  2. Restore Consultancy’s service fee is 19.7% of all monies recovered, payable only upon recovery of funds.

  3. Payment of Restore Consultancy’s fee is due within 7 business days of receipt of refund by Client.  

  4. Every effort is made by Restore Consultancy to ensure that funds are returned to you within 60 days from receipt of ALL correct documentation required to process the claim - however Restore Consultancy is not responsible for any delays in processing a claim and accepts no responsibility for any claim, loss, or liability arising from any such delays.

  5. Restore Consultancy accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of any information provided via any correspondence or communications.  The accuracy or reliability of information provided is not guaranteed or warranted in any way and Restore Consultancy, its agencies, representatives, subsidiaries and affiliates disclaim liability of any kind whatsoever, including & without limitation, liability for accuracy, quality, performance, or reliability for a particular purpose arising out of the information provided.

  6. Clients should realise that it is a criminal offence to provide false or misleading information and risk criminal action in doing so in accordance with the Crimes Act 1990.

  7. Acceptance of our service is automatic acceptance of all Restore Consultancy’s terms & conditions.     

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