The average fee varies between 15-30% of the total amount recovered and the degree of difficulty involved in sourcing the funds and owner, proving the rightful owner and successfully lodging a claim, then forwarding the funds to the owner.

One well known Melbourne recovery company charges as much as 50% of the total amount recovered.

In order to recover these funds, the owner or their agent has to satisfy the Government Fund that they are the right person. This always requires Proof of Identity and evidence or proof of entitlement.

At Restore Consultancy we charge a once only fee of 19.7% of the total amount recovered. With the exception of some deregistered companies, there are no other fees, either prior to, during or after recovery.

When many clients are facing having to use one or more of business loans, personal loans, leases, mortgages and especially credit cards to get by, then the recovery fee is soon redeemed. Especially considering that 97-98% of such funds will otherwise never be recovered by the owner.

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