To prove you are the rightful owner, you must submit the following evidence with your claim:


1. Proof of Identity:

Provide current copies of one primary and one secondary document for each claimant. 

Primary Identification

Australian Drivers Licence,  Australian Passport,  Centrelink, 18+ Card or Proof of Age Card.  If you do not have Australian proof of identification, you must provide a certified copy of an overseas passport or drivers licence.

Secondary Identification

Australian Birth Certificate, Medicare Card, Australian Change of Name Certificate, Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Visa, Australian Immicard or an Australian Certificate of Registration by Descent.

Evidence of change of name is required if the name on any of the documents presented is different to the name of the claimant (eg. Marriage certificate or Change of name certificate).

2. Proof of a Connection to the Last Known Address Held by the Department in Respect to the Unclaimed Money.

Provide one official document that shows the owner of the money and the address that the money is listed at on the Departments records, eg. Utility Document (electricity, phone or gas), Bank Statement, Rate Notice, Residential Lease Agreement, correspondence from an Australian Government agency or an Insurance policy.

3. Claim Lodged for Money held in a Company Name

If the money is held in the name of a company, at least 2 current directors of the company (1 for a sole director company) must provide the documents requested in section 1 above, together with a current and historical ASIC extract, an official document that links the company to the last known address recorded in the Department’s system and any other supporting information.

4. Claim Lodged for Money Held in a Deceased Person’s Name, the Name of a Trust, in the Name of a Super Fund, or in the Name of a Charity.

If the money held is as above then additional documents are required by all executors for the estate, the current Trustee(s) or an approved officer respectively.



A declaration/authority must be signed by all Claimants that they are legally entitled to the money, information provided is to the best of their knowledge true and correct, acknowledge that penalties apply for making false or misleading statements, authorise access to information that may affect the claim, authorise payment by Electronic Funds Transfer to your nominated bank account and acknowledge that the Department may require further information or documents after lodgement and that payment may be delayed or refused if they are not provided.

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