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Thank you for taking the time to look further into recovering wealth that is legitimately yours.  Government departments do not have the capacity to track down the owners of their money so they work with independent recovery consultants/agents to help find the rightful owner and recover their money for them.

As of June 2020 there is about $25 billion AUD of unclaimed money in Government holding funds resulting from an inability to find the rightful owner, often having changed address, unaware of their entitlement or just carelessness.

The government departments usually hold funds for 6-7 years after which they are at risk of being absorbed into a Government pool and being no longer available for the owner to access. Lost forever! 


Recovery of funds requires that the Department can be sure of the identity of the claimant and that they are the rightful owner before releasing them. This requires an "Authority to Act" form authorising the agent to act on behalf of the client, together with proof of identity, a link to the funds and often some other verifiable document/s


At Restore Consultancy it is our aim to help restore this wealth to the rightful owner as simply, quickly and trouble free as possible before the owner loses their entitlement forever.  We sincerely hope that you will help undertake the necessary processes to regain what is rightfully yours!

It is our privilege to provide you with this service if you decide to accept it.



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